Innovative LED Lighting Light Emitting Diode  products designed by Aussies, for Aussies.

We design and import a huge range of great LED lights; MR16 Lamps To replace Halogen Downlights LED Downlights To replace Halogens and CFLs LED Tubes To replace Fluoro T8 tubes. Shopfitters To replace Metal Halide Downlights and even waterproof outdoor fittings like Floodlights To replace Metal Halide or HPS Floodlights

The highest quality

To assure quality and lifetime all SaveBright products feature the highest quality LEDS; typically from Samsung or LG.

Australian Approved

All products feature Australian approvals to assure safety such as C-Tick, CE, SAA and similar to conform to AS/NZS3820:2009

The best warranties

To save money you need real quality assurance; almost all of SaveBright LED products feature warranties from 3 – 8 years!

LED Lighting Australia

Australia’s fastest growing range of high quality LED Lighting

SaveBright strives to provide an appropriate LED luminaire to replace every form of costly and inefficient lighting. Our range is constantly expanding to suit all forms of common commercial and residential lighting products.
  • Extensive range of long life LED downlights, tubes, panels and lamps.
  • Descriptive specification and savings sheets We truthfully outline the expected annual savings and payback periods that can be achieved by an LED upgrade. available for all products.
  • Please note that lead-time varies based on the products selected.
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Not All LED Lights Are Created Equally – Quality First

LED lighting is designed for power efficiency but not always reliability. Many cheap Chinese imports lack the quality componentry and testing Fake LED chips have become a real issue to unsuspecting consumers. Many competitor products feature poor quality electronic transformers which lack required Australian testing and are destined to fail. required to assure life.

How do SaveBright’s products differ? Why choose us?

Few people realise that the LED Driver The 'Driver' is the electronic transformer used to power the LED.  is typically the life-limiting factor in any LED light. To combat this our products always feature long-life External LED Drivers For every 10 degrees warmer the transformer runs - the transformer's life is cut in half (As a result of the internal capacitors). Always select LED products with external drivers where available.  wherever possible. In addition; our products only ever feature genuine  brand name LED Chips Typically Samsung, LG, Epistar, Cree, Sharp or Bridgelux LED chips / arrays from Korea, Japan, USA or Taiwan in order to assure correct colour rendition, slow lumen depreciation and zero UV output. Our final important consideration for maintaining long product lifetime is great heat dissapation An adequte sized heatsink made from aluminium alloy is required to keep the LED chip cool ; our products typically feature Australian thermal designs to assure efficiency.

Our sister company has been installed thousands of our LED Lighting products in Australian commercial businesses over the last 2 years. Over this time period the failur rate has been less than 0.2%! To find out more about government subsidies available in NSW; see Ecolight’s website.

Our Company Mission
The SB Promise
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Typical Power Savings

Halogen Lamp → LED
Fluoro Tube → LED
Metal Halide → LED

Are we missing your perfect product? No problem!

We have huge experience with testing and evaluating products from a myriad of our related suppliers – we will work with you to design or import exactly what you need.


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